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Programmed to deliver

Community News 2010-03-16 06:15:15

  Fomento Resources set up five computer training centres in the states of Goa and Maharashtra with an objective to impart basic computer literacy to community members of the respective… Read more »

Morgan Stanley Trades First India-China Iron-Ore FFA

Industry News 2010-03-15 07:30:44

Source:  Bloomberg (Alistair Holloway). Published: March 15, 2010 March 15 - Morgan Stanley and Cargill International SA traded the first derivative linked to shipping iron ore to China from India,… Read more »

Indian Ore market bounces back

Industry News 2010-03-15 07:18:53

Published: March 15,2010 Source :   The surge in Chinese Steel prices in last few days coupled with dwindling inventories of iron ore with Chinese steel mills and traders… Read more »

Chinese iron ore imports up on bullish demand from mills

Industry News 2010-03-12 11:18:35

  Source: Steelguru Published: March 12, 2010   Business Week reported that iron ore imports by China rose 6% in February.   According to customs data, imports reached 49.4 million… Read more »

Miner digs for ore in the outback with remote-controlled robots

Industry News 2010-03-04 12:02:04

  By ROBERT GUY MATTHEWS  Christian Sprogoe / Rio Tinto  Employees at Rio Tinto's operations center in Perth, Australia, manage machinery hundreds of miles away. Rio Tinto is connecting its… Read more »

If i stop the Mine,the noise will be 100 times louder

Alliance News 2010-03-04 04:59:38

Amidst the recent anti mining controversy, Auduth Timblo, Chairman Fomento Resources, talks to Derek Almeida, Editor Gomantak TImes (GT) about the recent upsurge against mining GT: In the last year… Read more »