Water treatment plant : Redi for change

Community News 2010-11-15 13:05:32

The village of Redi in Maharashtra has undergone a transformation from a community struggling to get access to education, healthcare and employment to a contented village with all these facilities. The new water treatment plant which will provide drinking water on the tap, to every home with a tap connection will make Redi a special place. Mr Parmanand Rane – a long term resident of Redi provides his account of this transformational change:

Mr Parmanand Rane has spent more than half his life at the mines of Redi. First as a worker in a different company and then with Fomento Resources, which took over the operations in 2003. Mr Rane has been a record keeper, keeping note of the triumphs and struggles of the times gone by, with the latter outweighing the former. He accounts the struggles, during the pre Fomento days, which included periods of unemployment, leading to negative fallout on the economy of the area. Landlords lost tenants, local shops and eateries had fewer customers and other service providers had no service to provide.
Mr Rane now spends his days in the mine location supervising various activities. He recounts “There were days when there was no money coming in, we struggled to get food, had stopped thinking of education for our children. We just hoped to survive. We have a different Redi now, after Fomento began its operations. There is a primary and a middle and high school. Children get all kinds of support to enable them to continue in school. Thousands of families are linked to mining activity and lead healthy contended lives, there is access to health care and finally we will get clean drinking water from our taps”
Mr Rane is referring to the new Water Treatment Plant set up by Fomento Resources, about to be commissioned which will provide drinkable water from each tap. 
In his home there is quiet joy “We are happy”, says his wife.
Mr Hitesh Kuladkar - Manager at Redi realises that while the village has seen change in progress, the new water treatment plant will cement bonds. “It’s a strong indication of our long term commitment towards this village which has been partner in our growth and progress”.  

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