Tomorrows lesson : Eat your vegetables

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Tara Parwar is familiar sight in the hamlet of Collem - Gandhinagar. She is the village vegetable vendor - a daily visitor to many homes.

Tara’s youngest daughter – Dhanvidya (meaning ‘wealth of knowledge’) has taken the first step towards becoming a teacher. Tara dreams that one day, Dhanvidya will teach the children of her customers.
For a woman who had to earn her living by selling vegetables to look after her children and bedridden husband, Tara Pawar is grateful to the Aashiyana trust which awarded the Gyan Jyothi Puraskar scholarship to Dhanvidya when she was recognized as a bright student in the eighth grade.
The scholarship for this class nine student of the government high school in Shigao covers all expenses till her graduation in any degree which she chooses.
Dhanvidhya at a debate competition held by FOMENTO RESOURCES during its
pre-Chaturthi programme at Savargal, in Somnath English Medium High School
And who is her inspiration? Dhanvidhya says she wants to emulate her class teacher for her standards of discipline and routine. Considered one of the brightest in her class, this scholarship will ensure that she never drops out of school for the lack of finances. Dhanvidya’s elder brother - a supervisor in a mining firm had to drop out of school in class nine to start earning. 
Dhanvidhya has already received her first educational tools through the scholarship- a table lamp, a wrist watch, an alarm clock and a brand new school uniform, shoes and slippers. Tools to set her on her quest to acquire the wealth of knowledge.

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