To the root of the matter

Community News 2010-03-18 10:22:08


 Afforestation aka the greening of a mining site has evolved from an afterthought to a necessary part of the mining process. A number of mining companies have adopted the idea, but Fomento Resources has ‘nursed’ it.

The Goan forests, being part of the Western Ghats are listed as one of the 12 eco-sensitive hot spots in the world, home to over 1000 variations of flora and fauna.

In appreciation of this fact, Fomento Resources started a sapling ‘nursery’ at the Sacorda mine site. The Sacorda nursery currently plants over ‘30’ varieties of plants, fruits and trees from the standard ‘Acacia’ common vegetation in the region) to guava, jamun and coconut saplings. The nursery includes a vermicompost unit, two green houses with shade nets and a well maintained irrigation system.


Post-nursery development, the saplings are transferred to a terraced dump site, where they are systematically planted using Krishak (organic manure) and Uniphos (Phosphorus source).

The ‘greening movement’ does not stop there but also ‘spreads’ within the community, where over 500 coconut saplings are distributed annually to the local residents and Panchayat members.

Fomento Resources envisions a plan to open ‘nurseries’ in several of its locations and continue its vision of ‘nursing’ all aspects of the environment.




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