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Fomento Resources led by  Mr. Ambar Timblo (MD), Mr. F.Lume Pereira, Mr. C.S.Krishnamurthy and Mr. P.S.Banerjee along with 62  officials attended the tripartite meeting on mine safety on  27-04-11 held at the Taj Exotica. The attendees from the Directorate General of Mine Safety were Mr. S.I.Hussain (DGMS, Hyderabad) Mr. A.K.Maghraj (DGMS, Goa Region) and Mr.Das (Asst DGMS).


Dignitories present at the Tripartite Meeting Held at Taj Exotica


The purpose of the tripartite meeting was for all stakeholders such as industry observers and members of industry themselves to discuss key measures to be undertaken in the area of mine safety. The subjects discussed at the meeting ranged from training for traffic rules, up gradation of surveyor skills to occupational health surveillance. 
All other officials seen at the meeting
On behalf of the labour union, Mr. Tulshidas Naik and Mr. Prashant Gaonkar expressed: “Fomento Resources Company have been implementing all the safety practices to their level best and provide all the facilities to their workers.”
A vote of Thanks was proposed by Mr. D R Vaze 

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