Thinking outside the tank

Community News, Industry News 2010-03-23 10:13:26

Mixing oil and water can lead to dangerous consequences but that did not stop Mr. Sadanand Virnodkar.A mechanical engineer at the Fomento Cuddegal mine in South Goa, Mr. Virnodkar proved that applying fundamental values such as concern for safety, respect for the environment and utilization of available resources could lead to innovation.

On noticing residues of oil and mud, leftover from the cleaning of mining machinery, Mr. Virnodkar constructed a series of tanks to receive, segregate and recycle the residue.
The first tank was designed on the principle of water having a higher density than oil, allowing the oil residue to float in a tank already filled with water. The second tank, received the residue of mud (filtered from the first) with the third tank, finally receiving the element of water (free from the residues of oil and mud).  The water in the third tank was pumped back to the surface to clean the machines, thus completing a unique circle of recycling.
This unique innovation proves that personal regard for the safety of others, respect for the environment in which one operates and thinking differently can lead to special results.

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