The silent guardian of Shigao

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The Gurus - Smita Patil, Shigao.

Students of Shigao government high school - Kaushali Lambor and Ramakant Mishal regard school as their second home, all thanks to their venerable headmistress - Smita Patil. Her day is filled with diverse student interactions such as peering into the world map for geography class, conducting an outdoor class walk in the landscaped gardens of the school or updating the archives of the school library.

Armed with a Bachelors of Education degree, she performed two stints as a teacher in Vasco and completed her masters. A teaching career of fifteen years in various government secondary schools, commence, leading to her position as headmaster of the Shigao government High school in 2006. 

Mrs. Smita Patil with her students Khushali Lambor and Ramakant Mishal

Fomento Resources regards her as an important ally and link between the school and its students. With the support of the Fomento Alliance, Smita altered the big hall of the school into a series of small classrooms, made with the help of movable partitions. She also established a mini sports room with indoor games such as chess, carrom and table tennis. The library inventory also received a significant upgrade of new books, due to her intervention. 

Officials of Fomento Resources’ have worked with her to encourage students to take part in various competitions and talent search examinations.

In addition to the upgradations, her most notable achievement remains - raising the academic success percentage of the school from a mediocre percentage of 16% in 2006 to 60% in the academic year of 2010.

The silent guardian humbly conveys: “Educational tours, picnics, social gathering, quiz competitions, drawing competitions, sports have become part and parcel of the life of students here, thanks mainly to the help and support of Fomento Resources”.


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