The science of Herodynamics

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A rickety scooter, lies at one corner of the classroom. A single car engine lies in one corner and a second one takes up space in another. In the middle of the room is a long table (reminiscent of the dining table in a Goan ancestral home). Nine boys sit huddled around it, with big sheets of paper and drawing instruments. At the head of the table is a youthful looking bearded teacher with a mini piston shaft explaining the dynamics of the apparatus and its importance in a car engine.

This is a diesel mechanics class in progress at the Hirabai Talaulicar high school, at Sacorda in South Goa, under the supervision of teacher Sarvanand Desai. The scooter and the engines in the room are unusual, but what is unique is the class itself. 

Sarvanand Desai who conceptualised the class, enthuses: “There is no other school, to the best of my knowledge, in India which offers a course like this, which actually enables students to get ready for a vocation like automobile maintenance and even engineering”. The school also offers agriculture as a subject from class eight onwards for budding farmers.

It is teachers like Desai, who make Fomento Resources’ engagement with the Hirabai Talaulicar School, a rewarding experience. The Alliance works with the school in providing infrastructural support such as building repair and distribution of uniforms, dictionaries and books to students.

Desai conveys:  “ I am from Curchorem, which is far from here and did my diploma in automobile engineering. I had no plans of becoming as teacher, till I came here with a friend who wanted to apply for a position. He asked me to apply too just for the sake of it. I got an offer and I just took it. This place took me in. Since then (1995) my world is with my students and it is because of the support of Fomento, that the school and its students can plan and progress”.

Desai doubles up as a drama instructor and a scriptwriter and encourages students to take part in theatre workshops and competitions. His other achievements include the National, State and District Youth awards.

His true calling remains the classroom- “my laboratory”- as he calls it.  His true reward is when past students return and tell him: “Sir, you made me what I am”.


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