The Sacorda computer academy

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" I feel at home”-   were the words uttered by Miss Yesu Gaonkar, a student of The Fomento Computer Academy at Sacorda, when asked on her experiences at the academy.

Miss Yesu Gaonkar is one of twelve girls from the village of Sacorda, who gave up education at an early age due to financial difficulties and the tiresome business of commuting from her home to the nearest school




Fomento Resources enrolled Yesu and the twelve girls into the Fomento Computer Academy at Sacorda, with the intention of providing a basic understanding of computers and office etiquette which would prepare for them for future jobs as secretaries and administrative assistants

Besides the computer classes, Yesu and her classmates were provided free travel, food, books and uniforms to allow them to focus only on what is important – enjoying the lessons at the Fomento Computer Academy at Sacorda.





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