The good doctor of Dharmapur

Community News 2010-12-20 14:55:34

 In remote Dharmapur, in the Sandur taluka of Karnataka, there is a man who moulds hundreds of young lives and leads them to a future of hope.

M. Mallikarjuna - the headmaster of the government middle school of Dharmapur shares his name with Doctor Malliakrjuna, a veteran doctor of Sandur who sadly passed away last year. Like, Dr Mallikarjuna, he too is a quiet behind the scenes care giver ensuring that Fomento Resources’ help in giving support to his school and children is received and used well.
Mr. Mallikarjuna - headmaster of the School from Dharmapur, Sandur
He began teaching as a junior teacher in V. Naglapur- a small village in Sandur taluka. After a decade, he was transferred to government middle school, Dharmapur in Sandur. He says: “The government of Karnataka cannot reach all villages but companies like Fomento have augmented the governments work by providing infrastructure to schools and students.”
For Mr. Mallikarjuna, school is his life and students his family. The happy faces of his wards is his only reward.

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