The GJP Tracker: Capxem Kids

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Supriya Desai and Imam Hussain were on their way to becoming just a couple of statistics to add to the list of school drop outs in the Digash area of Panchwadi, located near Capxem, on the banks of the river Zuari.

In 2008, Supriya, a class eight student of the New English High school, had to make a choice - continue in school or earn a living to support her family. Her father- a small time labourer fell frequently ill and her younger brother had to still complete his junior school. Going to school was clearly a luxury.
Imam Hussain – a friendly neighbour of Supriya and a year younger, had the same set of troubles. He made his choice early on and clearly informed his school principal of his desire to quit school. The principal Shivananad Desai persuaded him to postpone his decision.
The wheels of fortune slowly turned for both these children, first for Supriya and two years later for Imam. In 2008, Supriya was informed that she would be the recipient of the Gyan Jyothi Puraskar, a scholarship provided by the Aashiyana trust of Fomento Resources. The scholarship would cover all of Supriya’s educational needs and other support. She received the scholarship and with it - the funds to buy school books and reference material. Her dream of becoming the first in the family to study till class ten and beyond was about to be fulfilled. 
After finishing her class ten, she now studies Commerce at the Shiroda Higher Secondary school. Her scholarship covers her daily bus fare from her village to Shiroda and back. What next? A five year Chartered Accountancy course and then perhaps a company secretary job.
Meanwhile, Imam had to wait till class ten for his stroke of fortune. Principal Desai was running out of convincing reasons to stop him from dropping out of school, till he recommended him for the Gyan Jyothi Puraskar. Imam is studying hard to do well in his class ten exams and then take a shot at an engineering degree. 

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