The driving force of Sacorda

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In 2007, Madhukar Dabolkar joined the Alliances’ driving school in Sacorda - a unique institution which trains young boys to become drivers. Till date 200 boys have completed their courses and have gained employment as drivers. A few have set up their own workshops and others have undertaken specific training on operating mechanised trucks and other vehicles. Noted alumni such as Shyam Naik have joined Fomento Resources at its Cuddegal unit.

Madhukar Dabolkar(3rd from left) with his team

Dabolkar steers a sense of discipline, which he learnt back in 1964 as a truck driver for the Goa Naval unit. After his education in Panjim, he joined the engineering department of the government and drove their bus. In a sense, his thirst for teaching students ‘the art of car maintenance’ began here. Not ready to drive into the sunset, Mr Dabolkar retired from retirement, upon receiving an offer from Fomento Resources to be the driving instructor of the Sacorda School.
Dabolkar- is a key member of the team which is the driving force of the school. Seventeen batches of students have trained and moved on with the 18th batch commencing soon.
His reason for the success of the driving school is a modest one. He says “It is not me, it is the company, which has provided all the facilities like even paying for the bus fare for students to come to the school and go back and food and refreshments when they are here”. He adds: “The discipline is good”. 

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