Tara Govekar : Reaching for the stars

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 The Gurus : Tara Govekar (Advalpal)

Ms. Govekars first job was at Aamrad high school in Kankavli. In 1993 after commencing married life in Goa, she got a job as a pre-primary teacher in a government primary middle school in Advalpal, North Goa. She has been here ever since.

The journey from a primary school student in the remote village of Pasi - Maharashtra to the headmistress of a government primary middle school has taught Ms Govekar a few truths. Namely, that hard work and dedication to excellence pays. She inculcates this philosophy to her students, with a little help from her friends.

Her friends - the Alliance of Fomento Resources have encouraged students to study without the burden of financial constraints, through the Gyan Jyothi Puraskar scholarships. Tara Govekar has been involved in selecting students for the Gyan Jyoti Puraskar scholarships. 


Headmistress Tara Govekar (centre) with her ever smiling staff  

Despite less than humble beginnings, nearly all members of Tara Govekars family are well educated. These are the very values she intends to pass on to her students. On the introduction of the Gyan Tara Govekar played a vital role in getting members of the schools Parent Teacher Association (PTA) involved to explain to the students the benefits of the scholarship. 

Tara Govekar – true to her name, always reaching for the stars.


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