Swayambu: How a temple built a community

Community News 2011-02-11 13:54:22

The Swayambu temple of Sacorda - a sacred place of worship, was constructed in 1956 by S. Kantilal and company – an eminent construction firm. Besides a place for spiritual gatherings, the temple was initially run as a village school by Mr. Sakharam Morajkar aka ‘Guruji’ in the village. ‘Guruji’ conducted the school activities for over 100 students from the village of Sacorda from 1956-62. To maintain this unique idea, each house in the village contributed Rs 5 towards maintenance of the ‘school’. 

Since its early beginnings as a school, the temple has become the heart of the community. The temple has been the ‘place’ for spiritual solace, celebrations of births and weddings and informal meetings. A grand celebration of the Ganesh Utsav takes place each year at the Swayambu temple and involves the participation of the entire village.  

Fomento Resources have participated in most of the Swayambu temple celebrations along with the village community.  
To cement their shared love for community and ritual, Fomento Resources joined hands with the Sacorda residents in May 2010 to commence renovation of the Swayambu temple. The renovation is expected to be completed in May 2011. 
‘Company people are one of our own’ - conveys Mr. Narayan Naik – a 65 year old village elder who has witnessed development in Sacorda since the construction of the Swayambu temple. 

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