Slime to sublime

Alliance News 2010-05-25 07:47:05

 Fomento Resources was the first company in Asia to implement HGMS (High Grade Magnetic Separators) into their projects. These ‘high grade separators’ were commissioned in September 1998, with the objective of recovering ultra fine iron particles from the slime.

The slimes from the beneficiation plants are treated through desliming  hydrocyclones and three types of magnetic separators - Low intensity magnetic separator (1000 gauss), Medium intensity magnetic separator (7000 gauss) and High gradient magnetic separator (20,000 – 40,000 gauss). 

The three magnetic separators containing an efficiency of 240 tons per hour for overall feeding could upgrade a low grade ore of 55-57% Fe content to a high grade ore of 64-65% Fe content.

In terms of recovery, the LIMS (low intensity magnetic separator) is used to recover ferro magnetic particles (highly magnetic), HIMS (high gradient magnetic separator) recovers para magnetic (weak particles) and MIMS (medium intensity magnetic separator) recover ferro and para particles.

The approximate weight recovery with respect to plant fee is in 1% in LIMS, 3-4% in MIMS and 8%-10% in HGMS.

Improvement on weight recovery and quality is undertaken through variation of the magnetic field current. The magnetic field current is varied as per the ROM (Run of Mine) feed quality.



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