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Fomento Resources has integrated quality control procedures in its laboratories since its first export to Holland in 1960.On January 1st 2010, a quality control laboratory in Cudnem was inaugurated to service the analytical needs of all mineral processing operations including locations in South and North Goa.

The laboratory occupies 150 m 2 in area and is equipped with state of the art facilities for the analysis of element such as iron, silica, alumina, manganese and phosphorus. Using conventional and instrumental methods, the equipment can detect the level of moisture to a fine percentage.

Analyses samples are drawn at all stages of the processing cycle from prospecting to barge loading, using methods which are rapid, accurate and cost effective. The sample preparation laboratory is armed with sample crushing units such as jaw crushers, roll crushers and disc grinders/ pulverisers to fine  tune the provided samples.

The laboratory is made whole with the sum of its parts. These include the instrumentation room, sample digestion room, laboratory working hall and the inventory room.


The purpose of the Instrumentation room  is to deliver precision balances, analytical balances and analysis of silica, phosphorus, manganese and titanium oxide with the use of Spectrophotometer. 

The Sample Digestion Room is where the content of moisture (atmospheric and crystalline) is determined through the use of:

  1. A Muffle Furnace : Maintaining a temperature of 900°C to determine the crystalline water content in the ore.
  2. An oven :  maintaining a temperature of 105°C to determine the atmospheric moisture content.

The Main Laboratory working hall  - where conventional methods (including volumetric and gravimetric tests) are conducted for qualitative analysis of the ore.

Inventory room – where chemicals and desired reagents are kept in stock for conducting various analyses.

 The team members are duly qualified and suitably trained for conducting sampling, sample preparation and analytical methods which meet national and international standards. The Senior persons of the department are members of Bureau of Indian Standards. The laboratory  aims to implement environmental management standards by introduction of scrubbing system for neutralization of acid fumes and conservation of natural resources by installing a water circulator



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