PTI: Mining grows by 14.4% in March

Industry News 2010-06-09 06:21:29


Press Trust Of India / New Delhi
June 03,2010
The mines ministry today said the country’s mineral production grew by 14.41 per cent in March to Rs 11,316 crore.
The mineral production in march was higher by 14.41 per cent compared to February, while the increase was 10.96 per cent compared to March 2009, the ministry said in a statement.


“The total value of mineral production (excluding atomic and minor minerals) in March was Rs 11,316 crore. The contribution of coal was the highest at Rs 4761 crore (42percent) ",the statement said.


“Next in the order of importance were iron ore at Rs 2,262 crore , petroleum (crude) at Rs 1648 crore, natural gas at Rs 1,474 crore, lignite at rs 273 crore and limestone at Rs 266 crore.These six minerals together contributed about 94 percent of the total value of mineral production in the month," it added.
The statement said the production included 609 lakh tonne coal, 33 lakh tonne lignite, 30 lakh tonne petroleum (crude) and13.39 lakh tonne bauxite.


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