Not another cliché: GJP from Yeshwantnagar

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One of the hundred clichés in India - A brilliant student who had to give up his dreams because of financial reasons.  Such was the case of Sridhar’s father, who traded his dreams of becoming an electronic engineer for working at an electronic repair shop. Little did he know that he would be investing in the future of his son – who would not turn into yet another cliché from Yeshwantnagar.  After working long hours, Sridhar senior could muster enough to get his bright son upto the tenth standard at the local government school.
The big question now remained – what would Sridhar Jr do after his tenth standard. Accomplish his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer or like his father – turn out as yet another cliché from Yeshwantnagar.  It was here when Fomento Resources played a role and gave Sridhar Jr, the boost that he needed. Sridhar Jr was to earn the GJP scholarship which would fund his entire education until graduation.
Inspired by this support, Sridhar scored 82% in his S.S.C board exams and got admission for a diploma degree in mechanical engineering at Sandur polytechnic.
                                                                                    Sridhar jr-A GJP awardee of Fomento Resources

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