Monsoon Ready

Alliance News 2010-06-17 08:31:58
This is the time of the year when mining operations cease due to the impending monsoons. And the hard, meticulous work of ensuring that operation locations and the villages are well protected from rainwater run offs.
In all our locations, the monsoon rainwater is collected and then naturally filtered through a layer of bunds till it gets transformed into fresh clean water which actually recharges the ground water.
One of the locations where this treatment is carried out on an extensive scale is Pissurlem, in North Goa, one of the largest areas of our operations.
The pictures with this article show how this is done. Rainwater is first collected in a central pit which resembles a small tub. Here mud and silt get settled. However, it isn’t enough to store all water. The silt is periodically cleaned up.

The excess water then travels along a slope through a series of bund walls (in the picture) made of late rite soil and further, more storage pits. These bunds and pits, block more mud and silt, resulting in a step by step filtration process, untill fresh clean water is discharged from the mine 


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