Mollem : lucky no 29

Community News 2011-06-22 06:20:20

Fomento Resources inaugurated its 29th Community Health centre on Friday 17th June, 2011 at Mollem. The centre was inaugurated by senior citizen - Mr. Rama Gaonkar. Attendees present at the function were Mr. Janu Sujare (Sarpanch - Mollem Village Panchayat), Mr. Sandip Dessai ( Sarpanch - Collem Village Panchayat)and Panch members - Mr. Rajjen Desai, Rama Gaonkar, Govind Gaonkar, Mrs. Vishranti Gaonkar(Deputy Sarpanch). Officials of Fomento Resources were Dr Murthy of Fomento Health, Col A.K.Sharma, Mr. Huchaiah, Mr. D.R.Vaze, Mr. Anurag Mishra and Mr. D.P.Pawar.


                                      Mr. Rama Gaonkar(Senior Citizen) inaugrating the health center     

The Health centre came about as a result of the appeal forwarded by the people of Mollem who desired a dedicated health care unit in the locality.Dr Prachi Pai Vaidhya is the doctor chosen for the Mollem health care centre.


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