MD's address: Changing the game

Alliance News 2011-04-11 10:02:14

This address was given by Mr Ambar Timblo - Managing Director of Fomento Resources at the annual day held on 02-04-11.This particular annual day found its place in the history books as 500 members of the Fomento Resources family celebrated the twin victories of reaching 16 million tonnes and Indias world cup cricket win.

We – the team, stakeholders and communities of Fomento Resources have gathered here today to celebrate a special achievement, marking the end of a long journey and the beginning of new one.  

This achievement is more than just a number. It is  a symbol -  a symbol of pride for the work put in, a symbol of inspiration for reaching new goals and last but not least a symbol of ‘reflection’ to understand and learn from, before moving on to greater and fresher challenges.

Our future victories will depend not just on how we play the game – but how we change the game.

In the matches of old, all it took to be recognized as victorious was dedication to ones craft, efficiency at work and focus on personal, departmental and company bottom line. In today’s game, those ingredients are just the price of admission. 

The game of today holds more complex variables and is a lot more crowded. It is filled with new rules designed to question and test the quality of gamesmanship at every level and crowded because of an increase in the number of agitated spectators- most of whom, are content on providing non-stop running commentary on a player’s performance without accountability or insight. 

We must also give mention to those participants who excel in destroying a match because they were actually trying to ‘fix’ it.  

The question facing us today is how do we as a team evolve – not just as players in this new game but as ‘game changers’?

1. Always play for the greater team: Our team is not just us – the team of Fomento Resources gathered here tonight to congratulate and cheer ourselves but the people who travel miles to see us perform and are with us in spite of the naysayers and critics. They walk the same earth as us, breath the same air, inhabit our every location, share our hopes and dreams and truly believe that their lives will be better when we bring home a victory.

2. Remembering our roots: Before the money, victories, endorsements, distractions and justifications – there was nothing but the pure love of playing – for our self, team, community and country. In the context of our projected evolution, we must realize that the only way to read the pitch of our future is to visit the playgrounds of our past.  As we develop new mandates in health, education and other fields, we must never forget that they grew from an activity of mineral resource development – an activity which we still practice not just as a business but as a tradition. 

3. Being self-accountable: In a world where we are learning to live with several layers of judgment and even referrals on the judgment and reviews and replays of those referrals whether on the ground or in the air, the only people we can to be truly accountable to is ourselves. Regardless of who calls a fair or unfair decision, we must develop our innate sense of accountability regardless of how sticky the wicket may be. 

I wish to congratulate the team here and the larger team in all of our 27 locations on a grand achievement and to remember this historic occasion. While we brace ourselves on a new chapter of challenges, victories, ties and learning experiences, we must remember that ‘changing isn’t everything but having the will to change is everything. 

Good luck to Team Fomento Resources.


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