Managing Directors address: Safety first

Alliance News 2010-09-24 08:08:30

The President of the Mines Safety and Productivity Council (Goa, Sindhudurg and Kolhapur) and Managing Director of Fomento Resources - Mr. Ambar Timblo chaired the Annual General Council meeting on September 8th 2010 to outline the agenda for the forth coming Mines Safety week in November 2010.

Mr. Timblo conveyed: “The more we stress on the importance of safety, it will still not be enough – Safety is an inherent aspect of our business – and I mean safety at all levels – daily operations, transports, logistics, – all the areas that we work under – whichever capacity they may be, we have to ensure that all concerned are aware of the need for safety”.
The Mines Safety Week celebrations will be held outside Goa between November 15th and 20th 2010 and within Goa from between November 20th and 24th 2010.
The AGM discussed several other important activities during the run up to the Mines Safety Week such as circulation of Noise Level and Lux Meter - the trade test wherein the health and fitness levels of mine workers are measured, in addition to the safety week celebrations.
During this week, mines in Goa, Sindhurug and Kolhapur will obtain an opportunity to showcase their best safety standards to their industry peers. The council will award the “longest accident free worker” and a shield for the “Lowest Accident frequency mine” for the last three years.
Mr. Timblo set a positive tone for this important event by stating: “I am enthused that once again we have come together to decide the plan of action for the coming Safety Week. It is my privilege to be the President of the Council this year and I assure you that my colleagues and I personally will render all possible services to see that the Safety message is imbibed in its truest spirit”

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