‘Maina’ sees ‘Major’ change

Alliance News, Community News 2010-09-17 14:08:09

The truck operators of Navelim and Maina in North Goa are driving towards social and economic progress. On September 6th 2010, 67 families ordered a new fleet of modern trucks in a movement to upgrade their carrying capacity from 10 tonnes to 30 tonnes. 

Rajiv Kumar, DGM North - Fomento Resources conveyed: “The truck operators will eventually have the capacity to carry 12 million tonnes a year from the present 4 million tonnes.”  
AMW - the suppliers of the haulage trucks of 30 tonnes capacity each, played a supportive role ensuring the hassle free delivery of 67 haulage trucks to the proud truck operators.
Joe Louis - Director Operations of the Alliance enthused: “Sharing of success with society is the prime feature of any form of operation. This is a proud day for the Alliance and its communities.” 

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