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A striking feature in all of the operational locations of Fomento Resources is the presence of government schools which have stood the test of time. In a quiet manner, they have performed a simple role - educating children in remote locations with facilities less ordinary than schools in bigger towns.

A feature even more striking is the tenure of service of a few teachers who have gone on to become heads of their institutions. Several have served for over twenty years. At the Sri Mauli Vidya Mandir Redi - Maharashtra, Pradip Krishnaji Rege is 31 and shows no signs of retiring to the pavilion.

He attended high school in Shiroda and passed out of college in Sawantwadi, where he worked part time as a local school teacher. This is where he established his roots with the school. With his concerted efforts over the years, the building has been refurbished and technology has found its way into the premises with seven new computers. The level of academics has surged forward, evident from the increasing percentage obtained by its toppers every year - a statistic proudly displayed on a board opposite Rege’s office.

Thanking Fomento Resources for its support, Mr Rege enthused: “This organisation came as a friend and remained one. Its scholarship to students (Gyan Jyoti Puraskar) has been inspirational with students working hard to be selected for the award. It stepped in to repair the roof of the school building when it became weak and constantly supports students with books, rain gear and uniforms.”

The alliance believes that with people like headmaster Rege at the helm, schools will continue to be centres of excellence.  


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