Goa mining industry not averse to mining corridor - Association

Industry News 2011-07-27 11:13:48
Sources : SAIL
Dated     : 25 Jul 2011
The iron ore exporters in Goa on Saturday said they were not averse to funding the construction of mining corridors dedicated roads for the transport of ore, bypassing villages and towns provided that the state government linked them with jetties.Mr Glenn Kalavampara secretary of Goa Mineral Ore Exporters Association said that the industry was not averse to funding the project, but it needed an assurance that the entire stretches of corridors, up to the jetties, would be built.
Mr Kalavampara said that "The state government also needs to take various permissions from the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests and other ministries, which is expected to take some time... This has possibly made investors cautious.”The Goa government recently said the industry had not shown any interest in backing the corridors financially. The government has planned two corridors in South Goa. The work of initial phase of the first project has already been awarded.
According to GMOEA, if the industry were to invest in the project, it should be given a time frame for completion. Also, the toll collection system should be in place.The mining companies have also said their consent for corridors does not come with the condition of expediting industry's various applications for approvals, which are pending with the state government.
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