GJP TRACKER : Mayur Naik of Advalpal

Community News 2010-08-30 12:34:29

Will Mayur Sitaram Naik of Advalpal choose the life of a cricketer or that of an automobile engineer?

These are happy dilemmas for a twelve year old whose father had to drop out of school after the tenth grade and pursue the life of a truck driver because he could not afford a higher education.
Mayur will never have to worry about finances coming in the way of his dreams after the Ashiyana Trust awarded the Gyan Jyothi Puraskar to Mayur in 2009, on completion of his sixth grade exams at the Advalpal Government Primary and Middle School. The scholarship will fund his secondary education and higher education and training. Mayur received a first class grade in class five clearly demonstrating an aptitude for studies.
Mayur is still coming to terms with his well deserved reward and at this tender age realizes what it means to his family. In a meeting with Fomento Resources, he said: “My father passed his class ten exams with a second class but had to stop studying.”  His father adds: “You have a scholarship to study, train hard and make us all proud”
Does he have a passionate hobby? “I love cricket and dream of playing cricket for India”, he conveys.  This dream does not distract him from his ambition of becoming an automobile engineer but is surely a good dream to have.  

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