GJP Redi : “Switched on Sayali”

Community News 2011-03-22 14:34:14

At the Shree Mauli Vidhya Mandir, Sayali learnt how to find Redi on the world map. It was at home where from an early age she was taught that hard work ‘counts’. Her father – an employee with Tata metallic and her mother - a pathologist gave Sayali the required grounding for her to succeed in school and become the chosen GJP awardee.

“She is the brain of our school”, exclaims Mr. Rege - headmaster of the Shree Mauli Vidhya Mandir in Redi. The school teachers were ‘switched on’ to Sayali’s potential when she single-handedly installed a computer, a task which no student or teacher had accomplished till date. Rumour has it; the computer teacher was on leave. 
Sayali at her favourite area – the library
Her ambitions are modest. Join the IAS and rid our systems of corruption, illiteracy and poverty. This computer expert is fond of current affairs and reading. She can be found most of the times in the school library pouring over the works of P. L. Deshpande and Veena Gawankar. 

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