Fruitful Activities

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When the monsoon season reaches its final leg and winter commences, the villagers in Sanvordem, Pirla and Rivona in South Goa will see green beginnings. It is the time to receive and plant 8100 saplings. All 8100 saplings are provided by Fomento Resources, through the village panchayats. 

The fruit bearing saplings of coconut, cashew, guava, kokum and areca nut are planted around the village homes. These planting activities will increase the greenery of the villages and provide access to a wide variety of fruits for consumption.
A team comprising of a representative of the village panchayat, the mines manager and the environment officer of Fomento Resources, selected the plants which were distributed in July and August 2010.
The first event took place at the Pirla Panchayat, on 21 July 2010. 4000 saplings of coconut, areca nut, guava, kokum, and cashew were distributed to the villagers from Cavare, Maina and Pirla Villages. The local mines manager of Fomento Resources, Mr. G. Shreenivaslu and his colleagues organized the program.  
Mrs. Geetanjali Naik, Sarpanch, giving coconut sapling to villager at Rivona Panchayat
On the same day, 600 coconut saplings were distributed to the villagers from Sanvordem. The alliance’s executive officer - Mr. Gokuldas Naik, also a member of the Sanvordem village panchayat distributed the saplings at the Sanvordem village panchayat office.
Mr. H. Huchaiah, handing over the coconut palm to the villager at Pirla Panchayat.
This was followed by a program at the Rivona pancahyat, on 11 August 2010. Mr. Atul Makode, the mines manager and other officers of the alliance organized the event.
Coconut Sapling distribution at Sanvordem Village Panchayat
All saplings for the distribution were procured from the Government nurseries based at Kalay Village and Quepem.
The programs received an over-whelming response from the villagers. 

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