Fomento Resources plans Rs 250 crore expansion

Alliance News 2010-08-30 10:58:08

The foundation of all Fomento Resources operations is the state of the art machinery. The machinery enables the alliance to explore, excavate and provide all logistical operations according to world class standards.

The alliance has planned a Rs 250 crore expansion plan to further augment the existing machinery, equipment and transport vehicles.
175 machines will be deployed in various locations of the company’s activities. These include trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, ripper dozers and mobile screens. Mining application excavators of 45 tonnes and 70 tonnes will also be added to the fleet.
The L 120 and wheel loaders will increase the capacity of transportation and screening. Bigger screens of the capacity of 400 tonnes per hour will be used for dry screening of ore. This will be more than the current capacity of 300 tonnes per hour.
The expansion also includes additions to the fleet of trucks and equipment for facilitating the loading process of ore on these trucks. Bigger wheel loaders with 3.8 metre bucket sizes will facilitate the loading of this ore.
Komatsu rippers and dozers will be used for efficient management of ore dumps. These machines are designed with a blade installed at the front of the machine to enable smooth excavation of rock and earth.
Dumpers with Mercedes trucks have been ordered for hauling of excavated material. These will be useful because the under carriage is configured to allow efficient movement on slushy land.
The HGMS (High Gradient Magnetic Separator) – is an innovation machine and the pride of the alliance. Fomento Resources was the first company in Asia to implement HGMS into their projects. These separators were commissioned in September 1998, with the objective of recovering ultra fine iron particles from the slime. To further augment the efficiency of the HGMS, a new linear screen has been ordered for improved recovery of iron particles.
The new expansion to the existing Fomento machinery set up will further improve the operational standards set by the alliance.

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