Fomento Resources Mentors – Before CSR there was YSR

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1.    The early years:

ANS: I was working as a Mining Engineer in a mining company. It was C.S.Krishnamurthy who introduced me to Fomento. I joined Fomento on 22nd September, 1969.Throughout my career,  I have learnt several lessons such as there cannot be service without responsibility and  duty without tension. All this I gained in Fomento Resources – It gave me the opportunity to be responsible and dutiful. Initially I was an assistant technician to the team of Japanese delegation who had visited Goa.

2.    His greatest challenges:

ANS:  Understanding the nature of the deposit (geology) and harnessing it was  challenging work but we loved it because it was interesting as well. Operational know how that is well to do it might be any operation at the mines.

3.    His best memories:
ANS:  My fondest memory was Auduthbab asking me over the phone one day: “Reddy where we shall commission FERROMAT” and without wasting even two seconds I answered “CUDDEGAL , AUDUTHBAB” and it was there.

4.    Then and now

ANS: We started with washing of Ore at Maina in 1973. People carried our ideas at forefront mainly the development practices. In 1986 at Cuddegal, the first screening plant was commissioned and commenced its operations as well.  In recent years, there has been a vast and phenomenal growth taking place in all departments from explorations, operations, export, mining and transport. In today’s mining industry, the use of machinery is also seen as a major change.

5. If you were to start work again, is there anything you would like to change?
ANS:  No changes.

6. How do you spend your personal time?
ANS:  Listening to Radio Sai and reading mining magazines/periodicals from International publishers.

7. What do you like best about the company?
ANS: The phenomenal growth and corporate sustainability.

                                                                                         Mr Y.S. Reddy : "Evergreen"

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