Fomento Resources Mentor: Mr. V.P Raikar

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In 1945, an active member of Goa’s freedom struggle named Vasant Pai Raikar spent his youth, trying not to stay at home with the fear of being ‘caught’ and put behind bars by the Portuguese regime. Fear is sometimes a powerful motivator and it was this feeling which drove him to search for work. 
It just so happened that around the same time, Mr. Modu Timblo was searching for a person to help improve upon an idea called ‘Sociedade Fomento.’ The saying ‘Work is worship’ held true for both these gentlemen, since they met for the first time as devotees at the Madkai temple. 
On 1st August 1960, VPR as he was known, joined SFI as the manager of Cudnem Mines and in just under a year, took on the additional responsibility of the Harvalem mine. Desiring to operate the entire process from start to finish, VPR implemented the construction of a jetty at Maina for smooth loading of the ore.
                                                       VPR with Japanese delegation at a mining location -Circa 1960's
Amongst VPR’s most cherished memories was in 1964, when a team of Japanese delegates visited the Goa mines for talks of iron ore exports from Goa. These visits were followed up with Modubab and VPR’s first trip to Japan in 1965. Finally in 1966, SFI commenced work on their first ten year iron ore export contract with Sumitomo Metal Industries. 
When speaking of his many accomplishments and those of Fomento in the early 60’s, when iron ore was just ‘digging ground’, VPR extols the camaraderie of his team which included young team such as Mr. Krishnamurthy, Mr. Putappa and Mr. Huchaiah and above all the leadership of Mr. Modu Timblo.  
         Vasant Pai Raikar with Mr Ambar Timblo M.D of Fomento Resources and Grandson of Modu Timblo at the 2011 function

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