Fomento mentors: In the room with Lume

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The early years:
I joined Sociedade de Fomento Industrial Limited - the flagship company of the Fomento group in January 1975. It was at a time when the Company’s annual exports stood at around 1.5 millions tons and were exported exclusively to Japan  and our main buyer - M/s. Sumitomo Metal Industries in particular demanded the best quality of ore available.
In my initial years, I was mainly attached to our late founder Chairman Mr. Modu Timblo. Fomento went through trying times in the year 1977 ~ 1978 when the iron ore  market saw a sudden down turn and only the best quality of iron ore fines were being lifted and that too in reduced quantities. Despite the problems, there was a fixed determination to ensure that the show went on. It was as if the entire organization paid heed to the counsel of Samuel Johnson who once said that “great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance”. Using that maxim, our present Chairman - Mr. Auduth Timblo went about the task of establishing Ferromet Concentrates - a 100% export oriented unit and a division of Sociedade de Fomento Industrial. We set up a State of the art beneficiation plant to process low grade ores and make the sellable in the Japanese market in order to stay afloat.
Moments to cherish:
There are also fond memories that I carry of my tenure in Fomento and the fondest of them all is when Mr. Modu Timblo had to proceed to Japan a few days before my marriage but, he gave me and my wife the best wedding present  by way of his surprise entry at the wedding reception to join me and my wife for the wedding march. He flew down to Goa by the morning flight on the very day and left back for Japan the next day.
                                                        Early days : FLP at a dinner party hosted for the Japanese delegates
Another red letter day in my working life was when M/s. Sociedade de Fomento Industrial Pvt. Ltd.,  was conferred  the EVER GREAT COVENANT by M/s. Sumitomo Metal Industries-Japan, and I had the proud privilege to be present in Tokyo for the function. 
Having completed over 36 ½ years in the company, it is time now to dedicate to steering the attitude of the people who work with you, in their approach to business and towards the people in and outside the organization.
                Mr. F.Lume Pereira seen felicitating the winners at a debate competition held at Somnath English high school,Savargall


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