Fomento Mentor – H’uch’aiah – Still standing high

Alliance News 2011-10-01 10:52:10

Working with a mining company at Assnora, when VP Raikar first spotted him on 3rd December – 1966, Huchaiah joined Fomento as a technical Engineer at Harvalem Mines and commenced leadership over 550 laborers, 120 trucks for ore transportation and loading.

After only a couple of years, Huchaiah was promoted as a Superintendent of Mines in 1968. That was the year, when ‘up gradation of mines mechanization took place. TheJapanesestarted commissioning a screening and crushing plant at Maina in 1969 which was inaugurated on 17th Jan 1970. Huchaiah served as a technical engineer from 1970 to 1992 at Maina.
His fondest memory occurred in 1975, when Fomento exported 1.5 million tonnes. After serving for 45 years in the same company Huchaiah feels proud to say that this company was a great part of his life.
It’s true that “years may wrinkle the skin but, to give up enthusiasm it wrinkles the soul.”

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