Fomento healthcare initiative: Dr Paresh Kamat

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“Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.” This particular quote of poet - Robert Frost personifies the conscious decision taken by Dr Paresh Kamat, a decision which touched his life and the lives of others.

 A qualified general physician, Dr Paresh Kamat gave up the steady job of a general practitioner, to set up medical facilities for local residents in the remote locations of Morcanni, Colomba and Cormonnem. The primary goal, undertaken by Dr Kamat was to lead the Fomento Healthcare initiative in these areas, by setting up dispensaries, hosting free medical camps and providing free consultation and medicines. It was reported that in 2010, each location of Morcanni, Colomba and Cormonnem had equipped dispenasaries, active medical camps and 24 hour ambulances.

In the words of Mrs Shashikala Naik, a local resident of Cuddegal, who visits Dr Paresh Kamat twice a week at Morcanni,: “Doctor behaves in a friendly manner and is generous at heart”. Dr Kamat, divides his weekly schedule in a manner, which allows him to be available for the patients at all three locations

Despite the free cost of the medical services, the real value of  Dr Kamats work is explained by patient - Mrs Bhagi Wak – “The traffic is so much these days, we don’t get a chance to go to town and get treated by the Curchorem Public Health Centre". In the worlds of Morcanni, Colomba and Cormonnem, Dr Paresh Kamat is a doctor who knows no borders.



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