Dr Alisha Waghekar of Murge : M.D in waiting

Community News 2010-07-05 12:49:08

 The Late Savitri Devi dreamt that one of her grand daughters, would become a doctor to the village of Murge – Sacorda.

Alisha, the fourth daughter of Savitri Devi’s son, Anand Waghekar, a truck driver working for Fomento Resources, is on the verge of fulfilling her late grandmothers dream, thanks to the Gyan Jyoti Puraskar - a scholarship awarded to meritorious students of classes eight, nine and ten by the Aashiyana trust of Fomento Resources. The trust will continue to cover all her educational and other related requirements till as long as she wants to study.
“When I decided to do my MBBS course, I knew I had support. My family too is grateful that, finances will never come in the way of my education and career”, said the proud awardee of the scholarship.
Recounting how her father reacted to the news of her receiving the scholarship, she said “His eyes were filled with tears”
The scholarship has already propelled her to do well. Her results were one of the best in her class for the past two years. 
Today she travels to school on the “Indira Balrath”, a yellow bus of the government, dreaming of a return journey back home, with her MBBS degree and the name - Dr Alisha Waghekar, the village doctor of Murge.

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