Dhanlaxmi soars to new heights

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In the home of Bholanath, a tea stall owner in Pissurlem in North Goa, had a daughter named Dhanalaxmi Bholanath Suryekar- a girl born after two sons, who received less attention. No special plans were made for her education and that of two other girls born after her. The boys were comfortably placed - one working in the Pissurlem mines of Fomento Resources and the other an engineering student.

The fate of Dhanalaxmi (ironically named after the goddess of wealth), was like many others, received a basic education in a government school and then got ready for a life of domesticity.

All that changed one day when she was in class eight at the government high school in Pissurlem, she learnt that she would be awarded the Gyan Jyoti Puraskar scholarship of the Ashiyana trust of Fomento Resources, which would fund her all her education for life, without depending on her father for support. She now had the wings to fly. Would she be Dhanalaxmi the airhostess or a kathak dancer or a classical singer- her passion? Perhaps all three.

She is now in class 11th at the Siddhartha Bandodkar Higher Secondary School, Velgem and will soon go to college.

Something else changed - Her father started respecting her and that was perhaps her best ever award. 

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