Curchorem: Projecting the future

Community News 2011-07-13 06:37:06
A great challenge of giving presentations or teaching a class involves keeping the interest level of the audience high. Such was the dilemma faced by Reverend priest Joaquim Rebello – Vice president of the catering college – Curchorem. To overcome this dilemma, he joined hands with Fomento Resources and integrated a curriculum in his classes with the help of an LCD projector. This new technology when integrated into a class disrupted the monotony and kept the attention at a steady level. 
Speaking of his new integration of technology and education, Reverend Joaquim Rebello says: “There was a need for a LCD Projector since the classes which they conducted in the classes were not that impressive as catering is an art and visualization is more important and the students can learn in a simpler and better way”.
More than just fancy talk, the LCD revolution at his catering college has won over many followers from the community who now use the technology in several schools in the community and their own society meetings.
                                      LCD projector being used for the annual meeting of the community

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