Cudnem : How a community revived a temple

Community News 2011-03-02 07:55:57

Cudnem - a North Goan town steeped in history, dating to the Chalukya dynasty held a prominent position as the location of the Shri Rawalnath temple built during the Vijayanagar period. 

The Rawalnath temple – home to the deity known as “Gram Devata” constructed over 500 years ago, was the focal point for all generations and groups of Cudnem to come together during times of joy, celebration and hope. It was therefore imperative for the residents of the town to reconstruct and revive the Shri Rawalnath temple, which had fallen into a dilapidated condition. 
In 2010, the residents of Cudnem embarked on a mission with Fomento Resources to renovate the Rawalnath temple. 
The temple was renovated to its former pristine glory and was inaugurated on 25-02-11 at the hands of Mr Auduth Timblo -Chairman of Fomento Resources, who addressed the gathering on the values of community. The address was followed by a musical celebration filled with traditional hymns and percussion beats, heralding the ‘rebirth’ of Gram Devata.

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