Caring for Kaverem

Community News 2011-02-21 14:17:30

Dr. Trishna Mopkar had the right prescription – a degree from a reputed medical college and involvement in a lucrative nursing home business. Despite these trappings of success, she took heed of her true calling – to improve the healthcare of underprivileged families, living in remote areas of Goa.

On hearing that Fomento Resources were supporting health clinics in various operational locations, Dr Mopkar joined the health care initiative and has not looked back since.

The Doctor at work

She was first assigned the clinic at Pissurlem in North Goa followed by the Kaverem clinic in South Goa.  During her tenure, Dr. Mopkar supervised the deployment of the 24 hours ambulance service and availability of free medicines for the people. When speaking of her work, she refers to her clinics as ‘my clinics’ and spreads her work not just to the residents in the operational locations but to villages within a close proximity. 

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