Anvesha Walve : Taking a ‘byte’ out of life

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Anvesha Walve was born in 1988 in an India bereft of computers and the internet. She grew up reading Tulsidas, not googling him. As the years passed, her generation witnessed the birth of computers in urban India and its reach into rural towns such as Anvesha’s hometown of Bicholim in North Goa.

In 2010, Anvesha is not only a trained computer teacher but a key member of Fomento resources’ team of computer professors. These professors are pillars of the Alliances efforts to spread computer literacy at all its locations.
 Anvesha – the daughter of a retired school teacher began her journey from the government primary school in Bicholim.
On completion of her arts degree from Sanquelim, she logged on to the Hallmark Computer Academy at Mapusa to complete her computer course. On completion of her computer course, Fomento Resources chose her as one of the teachers for the Fomento computer academy at Advalpal. 
Anvesha tutors five students in a batch to provide personal attention to each one. One of her students, Pranita Naik is set to follow in her footsteps and become a teacher at the Fomento Resources computer academy. An enthused Pranita Naik says: “Anvesha’s dedication and attention to detail has inspired me to become a teacher” 

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