A positive act in Sandur

Community News 2010-05-14 06:50:12

Fomento Resources in collaboration with Dr Mallikarjuna carried its health care initiative to Sandur, Karnataka with the introduction of 24 hour ambulances, distribution of free medicine and one on one consultation with medical professionals.


Dr Mallikarjuna – a former government health official initiated an HIV awareness campaign in Sandur after documenting a growing number of HIV positive cases in Sandur and the surrounding areas of Yeshwantnagar and Dharmapur.


He used the medium of street theatre to educate the local residents on the HIV virus. A total of 600 residents attend the street plays, which were conducted in Yeshwantnagar and Dharmapur . The subject matter of the play revolved around how a group of medical professionals counseled a family, whose principal family member contracted the disease. The plays focused on how to cope with HIV and to prevent it.


In accordance with the HIV awareness campaign, the health care initiative in Sandur plans to introduce a team of professional doctors, nurses and lab technicians to travel to all the households and conduct spot HIV tests.




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