A ‘krutical’ decision

Community News 2011-03-16 09:49:03

It was on a vacation break at her hometown of Tiroda where Krutika made a ‘Krutical’ decision. This decision changed her life and the lives of twelve youngsters in Tiroda. 

The decision was leaving a lucrative job as a trainee in CIPLA pharmaceuticals in South Goa and joining the Tiroda computer institute.
Krutika preparing her lessons for the  next class
Created by the village of Tiroda in collaboration with Fomento Resources, the Tiroda institute commenced operations on 10-09-10. The twelve youngsters – now students are currently attending the course in computer applications, taught by Krutika. 
A student enthused about the course – “Now with a computer centre at our doorstep, we do not have to travel 25 kms to Sawantwadi anymore.”

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