A high book value

Community News 2011-09-16 06:15:52

Numbers are important but not as important as what they represent. The year 2011 is special for Fomento Resources, for achieving a high book value – not just in its account books, but in donating a record number of school books to the stakeholders who mattered. These stakeholders were meritocratic students from schools in all Fomento Resource locations, who received their best share yet of uniforms, books, school bags, rain gear and other stationary needed for their schooling.

23590 books, 2753 school bags, 1295 school uniforms, 1341 rain gears and 899 other stationary articles were distributed to all the schools in Goa and Maharashtra by Fomento Resources.
In addition to the provision of educational materials to students in its locations, Fomento Resources recorded its 212th awardee of the Gyan Jyothi Puraskar scholarship scheme. The first one was implemented in 2007.

                                        Students from Mauli Madir Vidhyalaya, REDI, Maharashtra


                                                                   Students from Advalpal middle school, Goa


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