The Fomento Ganesh Utsav is truly a Lok Utsav

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Dattaguru Vaze, Deputy General Manager Central 1,or DRV as he is known, has been a member of the first team that kick started Fomento’s largest annual socio cultural initiative, the Ganesh-Utsav celebrations in 2004. Started as an event to not just to celebrate but to bring together people in and around Cuddegal to join as members of the larger Fomento family, the festival organisation tests the management and coordination skills of the entire team. And DRV is a proud member of this continuous legacy of success in organising this festival for its seventh consecutive year.  Excerpts from an interview with him on the eve of the prize distribution ceremony which signals the end of all functions before the immersion of the deity of Lord Ganesha

Q. This is the seventh year of Fomento Resources’ annual Ganesh Utsav celebrations. How has the organisation changed and yet again how has it NOT changed, keeping in mind the adage, the more things change, the more they remain the same?
A. What has not changed, and will never change is the spirit of togetherness of the entire Fomento family in joining hands to make this a success. What has also not changed is the involvement of local people as participants, as desired by our Chairman who said ‘People in our surrounding areas should be a part of our larger family”. That is what this is a true Lok Utsav- a festival of the people
What has changed-obviously for the better is the quality and quantity of our programmes, our extensive pre-chaturthi programmes largely involving schools with the main focus on events revolving around health and education and our high profile dramas, tiatr’s etc
Q. What were the big ticket items on the programme this year? 
A. A Konkani drama, Bunti aur babli, a Marathi play Bajirao Mast Me by the highly acclaimed Chandravalay production Mumbai, a tiatr by one of Goa’s best known tiatr exponents, Prince Jacob  called Kenna Uttollo, and a regular feature in recent years, a skit by our employees. This year the skit was called Laden Goyant Paulo
However, beyond the big ticket items, what is significant is also how so many families spend almost a week with us, listening to the bhajans and artis, praying, sharing prasad and enjoying themselves in an atmosphere of devotion and entertainment
Q. What are the principles of management put into play to make this an organisational success?
A. The big advantage is that the festival falls in the beginning of the fair season, which is essentially the transition time from one season to the other. Our workload in the mines is comparatively less, so all our colleagues starting from the team of senior advisors to the foot soldiers.
We also give ourselves a full two months for preparation starting with a series of discussion meetings where inputs from everyone is collected. Gradually they are crystallized and the full programme takes shape. 
Moreover beyond what you see, there are so many ends to tie up such as catering, transport, communications and logistics. With most of us having done this for some years now, this has become a lot easier.  
The biggest principle of management which works here is not necessarily taught in management schools. It’s called the principle of “Together we can”

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