Steering change

Community News 2011-10-25 06:25:17
Fomento Resources in its responsibility towards the community in and around its area of operations have taken up many progressive steps to help them with several vocational courses. Some of them being, the setting up of driving-cum-technical school and computer institute at Pissurlem recently.
During the inauguration of these institutes on September 15, the Speaker of Goa Legislative Assembly, Mr Pratap Singh Rane said that, “Fomento Resources is a mining company which as its responsibility has come up with different kinds of projects in and around its area of operations. This has helped the locals to get themselves engaged in some self-employment initiatives or have helped them take up the employment opportunities provided to them.”
The Village body head (Sarpanch) of Pissurlem, Mr Sagun Wadker congratulated and appreciated the work carried out by the company. 

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