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In the towns of rural North Goa - Pissurlem and Honda, a large fabric of social life revolves around the market and the Panchayat office. In a short span of time a third spot has been added to the list - the clinics operated by Fomento Resources.

These clinics are places where residents meet, exchange notes and news, plan their days and inquire about the health and well being of fellow villagers or townsfolk. They also get themselves checked and treated by a professional team of doctors. In Pissurlem and Honda, Fomento’s doctors - Dr. Vedpal Tari, Dr. Vasant Nadkarni, Dr. Trishna Mahatme and Dr. D.V. Deshpande have become a part of the larger family of residents.
At Pissurlem and Honda, two clinics close to each other - the day begins early. The nurse at the clinic supervises early operations as the clinic is given a clean wash and wipe. The medicines are checked, arranged and all equipment and objects are kept in readiness for the doctor and patients.
The doctor of the day, according to the roster arrives at 9 am, does a check of the clinics, chats with the attendants and gets ready to receive patients. A few just drop in to say hello or to ask a quick health question on monsoon related health precautions. The ebb and flow of activity is at its peak before lunch time with several patients arriving to receive monthly check ups from the doctors, and medicines from qualified pharmacists. A few patients choose to stay on and catch up on the local news and gossip. The sentiment is accurately portrayed by one of the local residents, who says: “Treatment of illnesses is only one of the services that the Fomento clinics offer, for us it is a comfort zone”

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