Drinking water at Redi: Tapping into the Fomento miracle

Alliance News 2010-11-15 13:10:32

Fomento’s long standing association with its people has been built on one strong foundation - Relationships. The relationship with the people of Redi is one such example. In regards to this particular village, the Alliance has provided health care, employment, education and access to basic services. 

This special relationship will reach a new level, on the commissioning of a state of the art water treatment plant. The plant, built by Fomento Resources will provide pure, treated water through an existing system of pipelines to the entire village. A project of this scale of will allow every person residing at Redi, to receive drinking from their taps. 
The process leading to almost 1000 tap connections in the village, involves sourcing water from a mined out pit, pumping 120 cubic metre an hour, through a 600 metre pipeline, to a raw water reservoir constructed at the plant site. The water gets pumped from the reservoir, through a Garnet Filter, consisting of a bed of various composites such as pebbles, sand and charcoal. It is finally fed to the highly advanced reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant manufactured by Thermax Industries Pune.
The chambers of the water treatment plant
The plant has two 50 cubic metre blocks with fine filters which further segregate the particles and rejects from the water. Chemicals are also added to the clean part of the water to maintain its potability.
The plant has the capacity to generate 60 cubic metres of treated water per hour (with 40 cubic metres being rejects) which will be pumped to the overhead tank, 75 metres away, and finally to taps at homes through the existing pipeline network. 
Water is currently being supplied to these homes from a different pit, used for other household activities but not fit for drinking. This pit will be subsequently de-watered and the village will ultimately get clear drinkable water from the treatment plant using the old pit as the water source.

The Garnett filter through which raw water is first filtered and sent to the treatment plant
Sham Wagle of Fomento Resources, a key member of the team involved in the project enthuses: “This plant is truly state of the art and uses the best technology available internationally for water treatment of this scale. Moreover, we have taken care to ensure not only clean water, but the scientific disposal of rejected water through a 1.4 kilometre passage, to the creek that connects to the river.  Scientific studies have shown that this water will be four times less saline than the sea water. It is clearly a project where science and technology will be used to make a very humane difference to the quality of life to the people of Redi.”

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