Dr. Gautami Naik Ganjekar

Community News 2011-06-27 11:52:43
Born in the small village of Sanquelim in 1986, medicine ‘in the not so literal sense’ was in her blood. Her parents were pharmacists and nurses by profession. On completing her primary education at Valpoi and higher secondary education at Bicholim, she joined Goa Medical College for her degree in medicine.
After gaining experience in the areas of nephrology and pediatrics, Gautami quit Goa Medical College to join the health clinics initiated by Fomento Resources at Cudnem and Sonshi.It was here in these villages where she was placed in the right ‘environment’ to perform at her ‘clinical’ best.
Dr Gautami enthuses about her ‘enlightened’ decision: “Serving the community to the best of my ability has always been motive and I have achieved it. This is the best part of my life. I have gained respect and have created rapport with the people around.”


                                                                               Dr Gautami with her patient.   


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