Where people are our environment

Fomento Resources is proud of its relationship with communities living around its operational locations. This enduring relationship is characterized by mutual respect, active partnership and long term trust. These values allow, the Alliance to develop what it calls, its most important resource – people.

Consistent with the philosophy of the Alliance, all location teams have worked tirelessly over the years to enhance standards in health, education and social development for the benefit of the communities.

Fomento Resources is the second largest provider of health care in the state of Goa, second only to the government. It provides clinics, doctors along and significant health infrastructure such as 24 hour ambulances and regular medical supplies. 
The Alliance’s sincere commitment to relationships with students, families and teachers is reflected in their educational activities. The Ashiyana trust of the Alliance funds and administers the Gyan Jyoti Puraskar scholarships for low income students till the completion of their higher education. In addition, the Alliance lends support to almost every student in its locations through the distribution of school uniforms, books, dictionaries and monsoon gear.
In international arenas, the alliance has collaborated with the London School of Economics to establish - The Modu Timblo scholarship, in memory of the Alliances’ founder. This scholarship funds meritorious Indian scholars who secure admission to the London School of Economics.
The commitment to uniting communities on faith, culture and traditions is strong within the Alliance. It has played an active role in the construction and restoration of temples, churches and has taken the initiative in participating and organizing cultural events and festivals such as the annual Ganesh Utsav.
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